We are 2 Buds

Meet Steven and Jason, our founders

Lift Off

All Texas legends start with a great origin story. Although 2 Buds was founded in 2021, the roots of 2 Buds formed over 20 years ago in high school, from the baseball field to music venues on 6th street and beyond. After graduation, Steven and Jason followed their passions and received their bachelors degrees at separate Universities. In 2018, they both found themselves back in Austin where the dream was formed and came to reality.

2 Buds

It was moving back to Austin that re-ignited their friendship and inspired nights out talking about their visions for the future. After a few (too many?) drinks at Flamingo Cantina, they shook hands on a brand new endeavor, and they called it 2 Buds. In 2021 they got licensed for their first hemp crop and the hard work began. Now, on the same farmland generations of their family grew crops on, seeds are in the ground. For them, it’s surreal to see 2 Buds come to life.

How Austin inspires us to give back

Between our long familial history and the people who make Austin so great, we have been inspired to get involved in Austin’s festivals and volunteer efforts to keep Austin a great city to live in and visit. Steven frequently volunteers with Keep Austin Beautiful, and was a site leader for cleanups at Lady Bird Lake and the boat ramp at Festival Beach. He once acted as the Commissioner on the City of Austin Building and Standards Commission where he (along with other commission members) ensured fair responses and code enforcement by the City of Austin.

Where great-great grandad planted roots

Our roots run deep and wide in Texas. We are 4th and 5th-generation Austinites and our families have been in Texas for centuries. Our Texan blood is as old as the dirt our hemp grows from. It’s that proud Austin bloodline that fuels our passion to provide Austin’s visitors and locals with the best quality hemp products grown right here in Austin. Now, we have the pleasure of starting our own families here in Austin. The legacy continues.

Music runs through Austin’s veins

Austin is a special city. With the deep culture alive with art and music, there’s much to love and experience in the city. Steven and Jason can’t say no to an opportunity to get involved, especially when it comes to music and art. Some of the events they give (and have given) their time to include ACL Fest, Eeyore’s Birthday, SXSW, Fun Fun Fun Fest (very missed), and Reggae Fest.

We are 2 Buds

Steven and Jason aren’t just hemp cultivators. They’re music-playing, art-making, city-loving, family-raising, community-serving best friends with over 20 years of memories to fuel their friendship and their passions. 2 Buds is hemp, but it’s also graffiti on Guadalupe. It’s drinks at Flamingo Cantina on 6th street listening to The Killer Bees. It’s getting our hands dirty on the Texan fields our ancestors handed down to us. It’s more than hemp and more than us. 2 Buds is Austin.