We dream big.
We love big.
We live big.

We are from Texas after all

2 Buds was once just a dream between two friends who share a passion for living life to it’s absolute fullest. When we started this journey, it occurred to us that 2 Buds was more than just hemp, or gummies, or CBD. 2 Buds is the journey of friendship and the support we give the ones we love. 2 Buds is about showing up when things are hard, or easy, or fun, or complicated.

Our shared love for music and art has deepened our friendship and has been a source for inspiration as we built and continue to grow 2 Buds. We think it’s just as important for our customers to experience the multi-faceted nature of 2 Buds in all its glory. So we’ve compiled some of our favorite memories to show you the passion and drive behind 2 Buds.

more to come